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Installer la S4 Revolution v2 Pure S4 Experience Galaxy S3 I9300 à vous tous!

La S4 Revolution v2 est une ROM custom basée sur le dernier firmware officiel leak Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 avec le TouchWizUX 2013, aujourd'huit je vais vous montrer comment installer la S4 Revolution sur votre Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300.
Avant d'appliquer ce tuto veuillez sauvegarder vos données personnelles et effectuer une sauvegarde Nandroid de vortre Rom actuelle, tuto ici.

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 [ROM][4.2.2] S4 Revolution v2 {Pure S4 Experience} [S-Health working fine!]
""> [ROM][4.2.2] S4 Revolution v2 {Pure S4 Experience} [S-Health working fine!]HI GUYSI'M PROUDLY TO PRESENT YOU ... This is a ROM based on the last leak 4.2.2 for galaxy S3 , we added all the avaiable port from S4 and added some essentials mod to let you have a beatiful experience using our ROM. I added some tweak, too for high performance and battery life !

FEATURE-based on last leak firmware 4.2.2 (very fast and stable)-Aroma installer (THANKS TO AMARULZZ)-Removed all brand feature-themed with touchwizUX 2013 (THANKS TO Kik0o)APP PORTED FROM S4 (MEA)-Launcher S4 (THANKS TO ARSAW)-Keyboard S4 (THANKS TO ARSAW)-AccuWeather widget from S4-Digital clock -groupPlay in aroma-Galaxy S4 icons-SHealth -Contacts app -Video player -Gallery -Media sounds and bootanimation -SecWallPaper chooser -all share -Yahoo Widget -Scalendar and widget -Setup wizard -set default launcher -Phone app -Sms app -SecNoteMyFiles -Live wallaper picker app -widget program monitor -Wathon app -Optical reader music samsung-Job Manager -SmartStay and SmartScroll... But works rarelly-Multiwindows -EasyLauncher and EasySettings -Clock app and widget -Webmanual-S Travel -Voice Recorder -paper artist -Story Album -Fonts S4-SecEmail and Excange-SecSettings and SetupeWizard-MusicPlayer-S-Voice-S radio /THANKS TO HENRY LIFE)-Trip Advisor,S travel and WidgetMOD-Enabled Call Recording and disabled ascend ringtones (THANKS TO WANAM)-SMS app Modded-PowerMenu extended-Fix media service-And more ...

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